Retain and Win Back Your Ideal Customers and Subscribers for a Stronger Bottom Line!


Stop the drain of Attrition and boost your revenues

Increase your income by growing the lifetime value of your customers-- from months to years. Convert free or monthly subscribers to loyal, dedicated fans who tell their friends how fantastic and effective your program is. Help your subscribers feel valued and understand the benefits you offer.

Do you serve customers in finance, alternative finance, metals, start-up companies, or real estate? You'll get a writer who understands your product and your market.

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  • When you need someone who understands your subscribers and customers and what it takes to make them happy and loyal to you…
  • When you want someone who listens to you and understands your copywriting needs…
  • When you need someone timely, detail oriented, innovative, and creative…
  • When the job calls for copy that makes people want to like you, trust you, and depend on your newsletter and investment strategy…
  • When you’re looking for a team player and someone who will add value to the process...

As a master wordsmith, I take your ideas, concepts, and the promotions that attracted your subscribers initially. I build on what persuaded people to think, believe, and act when they first ordered your newsletter or program.

Using proof, credibility, urgency, testimonials and expert and social validation, I create email series and direct mail packages to retain and win back your customers.

 See Growth Quickly

Relax with the confidence you have a strong retention and renewal process up and running. Understand that my work is guaranteed. You will be satisfied with the written copy. We will work together until you are. You’ll find me easy to work with. Call me and let’s see how we can strengthen your retention and renewal process.  Contact Sandy now

  • 25 years writing experience
  • 20 years in real estate renovation and rental
  • 10 years personal investment experience—stocks, ETF’s, options
  • Financial Copywriting training from Clayton Makepeace
  • Copywriting and info-marketing training from AWAI, Dan Kennedy, Jeff Walker
  • Author of Grow Customer Lifetime Value: Retention & Renewal
  • Ghostwriter for Multiply Your Wealth: Essential Secrets for Financial Freedom by Rebecca Rice