Integrated Marketing

Sometimes you come across something that explains a concept very well.

I liked this video for that reason… plus, it’s cute:

Today the verbiage “Integrated Marketing” gets tossed out a lot.  What does it mean?  Why do you care?

If you want to promote a product or sell something or you write for those who do, it matters to you. It means that each piece of marketing needs to fit together.

You don’t write a direct mail piece and have it totally different from your website…or your social media… or even the way your business answers the phone.  Every piece of the sales puzzle works together.

You listen to what your customer wants.  You understand they are busy and have a short attention span.  You create an entire marketing program designed to answer their needs. You show them and tell them you’ve listened to them and here is the product that will resolve their concerns in the very best way.

As you speak to your clients, make sure you know how the other parts of the marketing piece  are working.  That way you can be sure your part will mesh seamlessly to create a powerful presentation.

View the process and back story here:

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