Telling Stories Business to Business

Did you know businesses  tell stories?

Think about it. If you have a business telling you how good they are, do you believe them? What if you have one of their customers telling you how the product helped them? Is that more trustworthy?

Companies know customers trust and value the experiences of other customers. They hire copywriters to write those stories. Copywriters interview the client and learn about their experience. They learn who the client is and what his problems were. Then they find out why he decided to purchase the company’s product and what the results have been.

Write with passion and conviction– and your work is always in demand.

Writers share the success story of the client and the product. Some might call it a long testimonial.

Successful businesses keep an arsenal of these stories to persuade prospective clients. They need a variety so they can pull out the one best fitted to their specific prospect. Clients want fresh stories so there’s always a call for new stories.

You’ll find a steady demand for writers who can produce this content. Typically these stories are 1-4 pages long. 1200 words is a standard length, although some will be shorter, some much longer. Payment for professional work ranges from $1250-2000.

How do I find work?

Here is the place where research, persistence, and confidence come into play. Alas, I have not found companies knocking on my door.  But there are ways to find companies eager to hire you.

Scan business to business websites.  See testimonials or case studies there?  You know they are in need of them.  Call the marketing director.  Share your writing samples and see if their interested in your work.

There are short cuts to success.

I’ve found it helpful to follow someone who has walked the path and found success.  Ed Gandia has found a profitable niche focusing on case studies in the Business to Business market in the computer software area.

His first case study cost him three weeks of time striving to perfect it. Now he can produce a powerful story in about 7 hours.  What would it feel like to earn $200 per hour?  Imagine how you could spend your free time if you could earn $3600 a month in just three days?

I understand that writing non-fiction may not appeal to everyone.  This might not interest you at all.

However, if you think you might find a lucrative side job– even as you work to polish that novel– then I encourage you to take the next step.

Hire a Pro to Jump-start Learning and Profit

American Writers and Artists Institute offers a thorough course on writing case studies.  If you click on the  affiliate link below, it will take you to more information.

CAS – Writing Case Studies

The cost of the course is less than a day’s work.  And it has a money back guarantee.

So check it out.  It costs you nothing to look.

Get smart!  Learn fast to earn fast.  Save money.  Guaranteed.

What’s not to like?

Get started and we’ll compare notes.


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