Why Copywriters Charge What They Do

When you ask for a price quote, what are you getting?

Here’s a great post that helps you understand better.

I’ve been working on a sales page.  I’ve spent hours working on features and benefits and deeper benefits.  I’ve put myself into the prospect’s shoes and considered the ideal prospect.

What does he/she want?  Why does she/he want it?  What will it look like when the prospect has what he/she wants?   When you answer these questions, you know what motivates the prospect and what the solution will look like.

I’ve pondered leads and headlines while raking leaves, driving, or cooking dinner.  I’ve told my brain to think about the problem when I go to bed and give me an answer in the morning. (It works!)

I’m glad I work on a project based fee instead of hourly. Creativity can’t be constrained to the time one sits in front of a keyboard.  And, indeed, clients aren’t real eager to pay for time staring at a blank screen.

The more research goes into a project, the more powerful the project is likely to be.  Clients can cut down on the time for this by offering their research.  Even though  more may still be needed, this can cut the time considerably.

Recently someone asked a question of Clayton Makepeace, a legendary copywriter who probably makes $1 million a year.  He asked how Clayton managed all the research needed for long pages sales letters for the health industry.

Clayton said, “They pay me to write copy.” Did they want to pay astronomical sums for him to do research?  No.  They hired researcher for that and presented him with the abstracts and pertinent information.  Clayton told them the kind of information he needed.

Copywriters will likely adjust their rates up or down depending on the amount of research they need to do… or the amount you can provide.

Now you know a little more why copywriters charge what they do.

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  1. Caryn Starr-Gates Says:

    Hi there – thank you so much for including a link to my blog post on copywriting fees – I truly appreciate it! Thanks for reading it and finding value in it.

  2. Sandy Says:

    You’re welcome! Thank you for providing valuable content.

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