Is this a good time to invest in Real Estate?


Time to Jump into Real Estate?

I find it fascinating that there are always opposing points of view.  The sky is always falling when you listen to some pundits.  It’s a great time to invest… if you listen to others.  Who is most persuasive?

Oddly enough.  Sometimes they are both right.  This is especially true when it comes to real estate.  In some places RE values are rising.  But more than rising prices, investors are looking for great ROI’s.

This list of top 20 rental markets is a great place to start your search.   Follow this link and see where the best places to get a good ROI are at this time.

Of course, within any market, the most important number is the price you pay for the real estate.  That determines profit in renting, flipping, or holding to sell.

I’ve read that the rise in housing prices is attributed to many investors and investment funds buying up houses to rehab and flip.  The authors felt that in two years, when these houses came back on the market, the prices would fall again.

Smart investors aren’t in the business to lose money.  My feeling is that when those houses come back on the market, they will be priced higher.  They will be priced to make the investor a profit.

But more than that, those houses aren’t in the same league or competition as the ones they bought up.  A rehabbed house is never going to sell for the same cost as a foreclosure.  It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

But if you buy right, and set up your houses or investment properties to give you a good ROI when rented… it doesn’t matter what property values do.  You will have a winning property.

So check out these locations, and decide if this is the right time for you to delve into, or add to your Real Estate investment portfolio.

Where are you investing now?  How is it working for you?

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