52 Essential Resources for Alternative Investments


 Powerful Resources for Start-ups and other businesses

I want to share with you an article with powerful resources.  As you scan through the list of websites, organizations, e-books, guides, kits, and links, you’ll find resources to help your business expand customers and revenue.

Alternative investments will find these resources useful even though the article is geared to start-ups.

Be sure to scroll down to News/Blogs/Sites/Discussions and Tools/Web Applications.  The market research will help novice and veteran businesses.

Take a look at The Entrepreneurs Handbook: 52 Essential Resources for Startups


Are You at Risk for Failure?

In the beginning of the article, it mentions the high failure rate.  Part of that failure comes not because the idea isn’t great.

They don’t fail because the product isn’t valuable or doesn’t solve a pressing need.

Many times failure comes because there is a disconnect between product and buyer.

Websites alone will not drive sufficient purchases to your product.  Emails and lists will only capture a small percent of possible buyers.

To give your start-up product or alternate investment product the best chance of success, you need several avenues to reach prospects.


 Copywriting and Marketing Can Spell Success

Effective writing is vivid, creative writing that grabs readers by the neck and yanks them into the picture. Paint your benefits in such a clear picture that customers WANT to buy your product—then support that decision with compelling information.

Additionally, success comes with a great a marketing plan.  It can’t be the same as the business down the street.  It can’t mimic the other financial competitors. It has to represent you.

It must give clear unique selling points—things that only your product offers or only your company offers.

Your marketing plan places your products in the public’s bulls-eye with an orchestrated system.  What are the needs of your target audience?  How does your product solve that need?  What are the best ways to get that information in front of your ideal audience?

Expos? Direct Mail? Emails or web copy? Webinars or seminars? Banners—on the web or flying over the football game?  A special report or a case study?  Brochures or flyers? Booths at the fair?

Perhaps carefully targeted sales letters to your ideal prospects will have the cash register ringing.

As you take advantage of these 50 resources for start-ups or other investment businesses, don’t forget the vital tool of focused copywriting and a powerful marketing plan.

How has copywriting and marketing moved your business toward success? What avenues have you found most effective for your product?

Check out Copywriting Options

There are many useful books on copywriting.  But often your best use of time is where your strengths are.  If words and writing aren’t your favorite thing to do, hire a professional.  Talk to Sandy about innovative ideas to bring your product to the forefront.

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