Choose the Realtor Best for You

Buying a home or investment property is an important decision.  It’s essential to know who your real estate agent is really serving.  Is his or her loyalty to the buyer or seller?  Who are they representing?

When they work for the seller, you may not learn how anxious the seller is to sell.  You may not hear how flexible he or she may be on the price.  You’ll never hear the concessions they are willing to make.  It can cost you thousands of dollars.

Some states make sure you know who your agent represents…. after you write a contract with them.  Learn what you need to know before you start working with your agent.  You can choose your agent ahead of time to make sure they have first loyalty to you.

Here is a great article that explains agents– who they work for and what the terms mean.

Brokers and Agents: What are the Differences?

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