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 Seven Keys to Keep Customers Renewing

Hooray!  You just made more sales! New customers bought into your newsletter or continuity program. You want to maximize the lifetime value of that customer—their chances of renewing, of buying more, of the upsell.

But most businesses lose out. They could increase that lifetime value if they’d start the renewal process the day they buy. From the moment of purchase customers are deciding if you really know and understand them and offer them value. They are deciding if they want to continue to like and trust you and believe your service.

Careful follow-up right after the sale forms a bond of trust and belief that cements the relationship into long-term client loyalty and continuity.

These 7 things start the renewal and retention process–right after the sales.

  1. Thank them for the sale. Let them know they are valuable and you appreciate their trust in you. Promise it will not be misplaced. Express support for their wise buying decision.
  2. Increase trust and credibility. Send successful case studies. You might also send a short video with your guru or expert delving into and explaining the process they use.
  3. Show you care. Express your concern that they resolve the problem that led them to buy your product. Encourage them to connect with you. Ask for feedback. Help them feel their success matters to you. Small companies have an advantage with this. Larger companies need to find a personal face to bring the intimacy of caring.
  4. Use surveys and quizzes to insure you’re meeting their needs. Is the material in your continuity program or subscription of value to them? Is it what they really want to know? Customers stay loyal when you meet their needs.
  5. Surprise them. Send a bonus or special, unexpected gift. This creates loyalty as it triggers their desire to reciprocate. When the gift is aimed at their wants and beliefs, they’ll feel that you really understand them.
  6. Share stories. Personal stories of your life experiences create a bond. They must be relevant to the customer. Perhaps your rocky start is similar to their journey. An event in your life may relate to ways to improve their life. Stories increase connection and a feeling of belonging. They help clients believe in their future success.
  7. Offer Social Proof. Customers want to know if it will work for them. They gain confidence in your product when they see other people just like them who are succeeding. Testimonials are most powerful when you can include a full name, location, and photo. Videos are amazingly powerful when they project real people’s stories and emotions.

Get a jump on your renewal process at the moment of sale. Start building a relationship of trust, loyalty, and reciprocity. Help clients see your value, like you, and want to be associated with you.

As an added bonus, you immediately reduce buyer’s remorse and you limit calls for your guarantee. When you start building devoted customers immediately after the sale, you’ll find your retention rate increases at the time of renewal and beyond.

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