Secrets of a Sales Letter: REVEALED!

Great sales letters seem to flow so smoothly, you are happy to go along for the ride and eager to buy at the end.  Rather than hard “selling” the best letters present readers with information they want.

This information is a blend of facts, stories, benefits, emotions, quotes, and details all designed to build trust and increase credibility in the product and company. It also helps readers clarify in their minds why they want the products and justifies their desires with rational facts.

Buyers today are savvy, jaded, and suspicious.  They will not be attracted to pushy sales letters no matter how vital the product. However, if you give them a reason to listen to their own self-interest, they will respond.  And if you layer the presentation with benefits, proof, and credibility, they can be won over.

I wrote this short promotional letter about a very common product just to show that even something ordinary can be transformed into something extraordinary and desirable with an effective sales letter.  And to help you see the techniques “behind the curtain” I annotated it for you.

You Can Claim A Piece of History Henry David Thoreau Designed…

For Less Than 15 cents

(begin with a mystery or something that creates curiosity.)

When the American poet Thoreau retired to Walden Pond to write his essays, he always carried this instrument of his own making and design.

  In commenting on natural history, the environment or even civil disobedience, this invention was always in his hand.  More than that, the income from this invention paid for his Walden Pond years and allowed him the freedom to write. (Increase the value of the product.)

Thoreau refined and perfected this small cylinder helping his father’s company became the leading American manufacturer of it in the mid 1800’s. (Tell a compelling story.)

You, too, can own this piece of history. While not the exact one Henry David Thoreau carried, you will still be able to take advantage of every fine quality that attracted Thoreau to it.  It is versatile, long-lasting, and easy to use. (Add benefits.)

When you hold it in your hands you can feel the history that stretches from Thoreau forward until today.  Both Russian and American astronauts used this device until a company invested $1 million to find a replacement. (Increase value by comparison.)

Some people might dismiss it as common, or of little worth.  But you are not “some people.”  You can see the deeper value.  You can recognize both the historical connections and the practicality of use even today. (Help readers feel special, intelligent, and exclusive.)

What piece of history can you carry today?  A pencil. (The reveal.)

Your discerning eye can see the beauty of its slender length. You feel the easy grip. And you see its value. (List benefits.)

Easy to change your mind or fix a mistake with the built-in eraser

Quick sharpening tip for detailed marks

Can write on many surfaces– paper, wood, drywall (Practical benefits.)

Simple to carry so it’s with you whenever you need it

Writes angled up without skipping or stopping

Smooth even strokes for beautiful writing or sketching (Quality benefits)

Light weight and easy to carry

Inexpensive so you can keep several in handy places

More personal writing for love letters or notes to kids (Emotional benefits)

Today’s science reaffirms the value of a pencil. The Wall Street Journal cites studies that say hand writing engages the brain and creates longer lasting learning. MRI’s show the brain activity is more advanced in those who write new concepts by hand. (Add credibility with outside sources. Show deeper, hidden benefits that only come from extra research.)

The simple pencil lets you to carry a piece of history and draw upon your innate creativity- like Thoreau did. New scientific research uncovers the unique relationship between hand writing and creating thoughts and ideas.

Virginia Berninger, a professor of educational psychology at the University of Washington says writing by hand activates massive regions of the brain involved in thinking, language and working memory.  This brain exercise keeps your mind active. (Add experts and quotes for increased proof and trust.)

Thoreau’s pencil may have increased his creativity and cognitive abilities. Could the use of this inexpensive, easy-to-grasp pencil enhance your brain power?  Try it today and find out. (offer deeper, valuable possible benefits.)

 Click here to order your pencil today. (Make life easy for your readers by telling them how to order. Add a link so they can quickly move to the order page.)

Impress your friends as you show them your Thoreau designed pencil. Then use it to write your own history. (Give emotional reasons to buy.)

Order your pencil today (Always ask for the sale more than once.)

Sales letters can start with mystery and curiosity, news, a big reveal, shock, a promise or other introductions that capture reader’s attention. But after you grab attention, you’ll need to keep it with a pace that satisfies your readers. You must add proof, credibility, and benefits.

Respect your prospective customers. The most effective sales letters use emotions and deeper benefits that resonate with their readers. You’ll seldom sell to someone who doesn’t want your product.  But you can help readers recognize the desire they already have to own your product.

Then your sales letters will create happy customers who keep your products, buy more, and share with their friends. Then your company and your profits grow.








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