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Have subscribers renewing and coming back to you.

Sandy Fox keeps your subscribers and customers loyal to you and trusting your expertise, so you gain greater customer lifetime value.

In this economy, increasing retention and renewals can mean the difference between success and failure. Competition is stiff. Subscribers are more careful with their money… and you are more careful with yours. Choose success when you use my copywriting skills to increase your retention and your bottom line.

Imagine for a moment, copy that speaks directly to the heart of your prospects. They look—past the headline and into the lead. The promo answers all their questions. It overcomes their concerns and fears. They reaffirm your newsletter solves a critical problem they have. They think: I need to be using this even more! They click the renew button… and give you their money.

You get a copywriter who understand your financial business and your customers

Successful copy needs in depth research and understanding of your business, your product, and your subscribers. You want a copywriter who can see the value of your newsletter or trading system and showcases this to your customers.

My powerful copy speaks to their valid concerns and resonates with their strongest desires.  Your expert appears as the perfect answer to their needs. Subscribers feel confident their net worth will grow. Customers use the advice and share it with their friends. Their friends subscribe, too. Your business booms.

You get someone skilled in sales copy

I have been writing persuasive copy for 20 years. With my love of words and the English language, I understand how some words draw people in and some push them away. I know sales copy— how to capture attention with a headline and draw readers into the text with promises and ideas.

My skills turn features into benefits. You get compelling… even irresistible offers…and then add benefits and guarantees to overcome buyers’ remorse.

You get a real person who cares about your clients

You can feel confident your prospects will be drawn into your letter, your website, and into your company as long-lasting customers. Customers want to feel respected and valued. Studies show customers will pay more to shop where they feel valued.

I know how to build a relationship with the reader, how to create a tone of voice that treats them with care and respect. Clients feel this respect and caring. And really… who can’t spot a phony?

When they believe you and your Guru cares about them, they become fiercely loyal subscribers who share your products with their colleagues and friends. They return again and again to purchase from you.

If I can’t feel excited and confident about the investment opportunity you offer, I will decline the work. You deserve a copywriter who believes in your product.

You get a copywriter who values you and your business

You are likely thinking, this sounds good… but how can I be sure? I understand. It’s important for you to be comfortable with me, with my writing, and with the promise that I can produce copy that brings in customers. Check out my writing samples, then call me so we can talk?

My promise to you is that I will research your company and your product thoroughly. I will understand the benefits and risks of your investment opportunity. I will invite customer response so that the voice of the promotional sounds real and persuasive.

You will get a promotion that positions your product as the solution to your subscriber’s problems. You will find me honest and caring and respectful to your customer’s concerns, needs, and desires. You will receive copy that builds urgency and promises benefits. It keeps your customers faithful and wins back those who have unsubscribed.

I guarantee you will be pleased with my work

Call me or email me today and let me share some ideas with you.

Sandy Fox
870 491-5505