Seven Top Unique Advantages to Working with Me

1. Out-of-the Box solutions.

Your copy won’t read like everyone else’s content or sales letters.

2. Clear Communication.

You’ll know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.  We’ll be on the same page.  You’ll never be left hanging or wondering what comes next.

 3. Thorough and reliable.

I meet deadlines with complete, accurate copy so you can be confident your message will get out when you want it to.

4. Research your best sales advantage.

Thorough research goes into each piece. You can know that your special brand, your unique selling advantage, and your powerful solution to your client’s problems will be persuasively presented.

5. Passion for excellence.

When I find a product that delivers results, I love to share it with others. You’ll find your proof, credibility, and benefits presented with enthusiasm and confidence so buying your product seems like a “no-brainer.”

6. Love of business, finance, and investment newsletters.

As an investor, I understand the thoughts, pain points, drives, and goals of investor.  Correct vocabulary and word usage creates a trust and a bond with your readers and buyers.

7. Goal to get it right! I am committed to excellence.

I want to revise and revisit a piece until it matches your ideal and the numbers indicate success. You get the renewal or winback piece or email that resonates with you and your readers and creates trust, loyalty, and repeat customers.