Do You Need a Professional Copywriter?

Five Questions to Ask Before You Blow $$$ on a Professional Copywriter

  Do you really need one?

By Sandy Fox


You’ve started a business and you hope for fast success. It’s an exciting time! Or perhaps you’re in a bit of a slump and working on ways to spur growth.

You check out your marketing material. Is it doing the job? Is it time to call in or upgrade your professional copywriter?

Here are five questions to help you decide what’s best for you and your business at this time.

1. Can you share your vision? For a copywriter to serve you best, they need to understand you, your business, and your clients. Good copywriters will ask you a series of questions to learn your features and benefits, unique selling proposition, guarantees, the motivation of your prospects, and so on.

Can you explain all this? Is the value you bring to your customers clear enough in your own mind? Do you know why they keep coming back… or what will make them want to come back?

Do you have a clear vision of who you—and your company—are? And where you want to go?

Do not hire a copywriter until you do.

2. Do you like to write and communicate? Do you have a special style or personality that connects with your following? Do you enjoy that dialogue with your clients?

 Some info-marketers find that their promotional material—emails, sales pages, and such—help them feel in tune with their market. It gives them a pulse on the prospect. If that’s you. Keep writing and enjoying.

If not, know good copywriters will quickly master your writing style and tone of voice. And you can still see reader feedback even if you are no longer the sales or content creator.

But be careful about giving away a task that brings joy to your life.

3. Do you know all the benefits and deeper benefits of your product? For most people, it’s easy to see and share features. They love the reasons why their product works so well. Many times they focus on what they do… instead of how it helps their buyer.

 Promotions explode when they delve into benefits for the buyer that go beyond the service of the product. Your product may help them work faster, be more fit, or get more money. But there are deeper emotional benefits of increased confidence, the admiration of others, security, or freedom.

If you totally understand all these benefits. If you know how to include them in compelling copy so your prospects feel compelled to buy your product, then you don’t need a professional copywriter.

If you don’t know all the benefits your product might offer, a copywriter can ferret them out. He or she will find your unique selling proposition and the key reasons your prospects buy. Your sales pages will connect with readers. They’ll click on the “buy” button. Ka-ching!

4. Have You Considered the ROI? New info-marketers on a shoe-string wonder if they can afford the rates of a professional copywriter. Sometimes a better question is: Can you afford NOT to hire skill?

 Look at your cost per lead and your cost per conversion. What would happen to your business if you increased conversion by 5%?  By 10%? What would it take for a copywriter to pay for him or herself?

You know the lifetime value of your clients. You know it’s easier to upsell than to get new customers. Work the numbers. What must a copywriter convert to bring you success?

5. How does it fit with your 80/20? Studies show that you spend 20% of your time on that which gives you 80% of your results. Where does your marketing fit in this? Is it the most productive use of your time? Or is it a drain?

 Perhaps writing those sales pages, landing pages, content and upsells produces great results. You’re in the “zone” when you do it. Then skip the professional copywriter. But, if you find it a drudge. A chore. Something you put off. Get yourself a copywriter. This frees you to focus on the most important stuff. You get to work where you’re most productive and having the most fun.

Depending on your current marketing, brilliant copywriters can increase your lifetime income exponentially. They increase your ROI and relieve you of tiresome work. They become a consultant that intimately knows your company and products.

This additional marketing counsel brings to light features and benefits that get prospects buying and customers coming back. Now you can live the life you desired when you started your info-marketing business.

If you have a good product and an attentive list or JV partners, a great copywriter can do the rest. Of course, you may have to give up some stress and long hours.

But you get more freedom and control. You’ll now have more time for family, hobbies, travel and giving back. You choose. Are you ready for a copywriter?

Sandy Fox writes sales pages, renewal and win-back emails,  reports, and content for info-marketers specializing in finance, business,  and leadership.  She is a Dan Kennedy certified info-marketing copywriter. You can see work samples at or contact her at