Coaching for Marketing and Copywriting


Are you Stuck, Frustrated, Confused, or Dissatisfied?

At some point in life, we struggle for solutions. I envision you’ve tried every tool in your toolbox. And they haven’t worked.

Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Trying incorrect tools, options, plans or skill sets over and over with bad results….

Well. I know you won’t do that. You’re not insane. So what is the next step?

 Discover and Learn Different Tools.

I am hard-wired to find solutions.  I think outside-the-box and draw in ideas and skills from other industries for cross-pollination.

When you hire me for your coach, I will not direct or dictate.  Rather I’ll offer options, choices, ideas, and questions.  We’ll discuss pros and cons.  Risks and rewards.

As a coaching client you can:

  • Expand your parameters
  • Get Unstuck
  • Uncover options
  • Find effective solutions
  • Motivate and affirm
  • Expect honesty and accuracy

 Work within Regulation Limitations

Different financial or investment companies must adhere to various rules and regulations.

Whether you must comply with SEC regulations for financial advisors, or the rules regarding life insurance sales agents, know that I will fully and completely work within those rules.

We will work together to insure copy, coaching, and the path you take will honestly and honorably comply with the letter and the spirit of the law.

People Say Nice Things

 Sandy never ceases to amaze me with her great ideas.  She has the ability to look at situations from a unique perspective, providing me with invaluable information that often leads to breakthroughs on my part.  Not only does she excel at listening and processing what is being said, but she truly cares about those she helps.

~~ Johanna M.  Entrepreneur

 I truly value the help I have received from Sandy Fox.  Many times I have been stuck.  When I have told her I was stuck Sandy helped me look at what I could do to overcome what’s holding me back.  At times her suggestions have been to do things I haven’t thought of and I have found these were just what I needed.  She has definitely helped me grow my business.

 ~~ Bob Paroski, Independent Businessman

So often Sandy’s insights are just the thing I need to see what I need to do next.  Not only does she have original and innovative ideas but she presents them in ways that will work for me.  She has a unique ability to listen to my strengths, weaknesses, and the way I work best and tailor her suggestions to fit my needs.  Sometimes she understands my next move better than I do and patiently but persistently encourages me to move forward.

~~Kenda Alexander, Webwriter

Sandy has been helping me for little over a year. She is my grounding force – encouraging me to go forward when I need the push, bringing in amazing work-a-round solutions when I’m stuck and helping me to rein in when I’m starting to scatter.

~~ Patricia Proctor, Book Author and Business Owner