Check out my work.

1. Financial email auto-renew letter Keep them renewing with the auto-renew notice posts to their inbox.

2. Financial direct mail renewal letter  Send a direct response letter for great subscription renewal.

3. Financial Articles. Articles written to inform about investing options.

4. Auto Response emails for self-directed  401(k)  Using urgency and deadlines.

5. Email Series Promo for My Choice 401(k) Uses stories to connect with readers for the alternative investment resource.

6. Landing Pages for a low-cost alternative for self-directed 401k’s When you have strong benefits and a unique selling proposition,you can offer a big promise.

7. B2B marketing for newsletters and newsletter samples. Promotes the value of Newsletters to clients. Includes samples of newsletters.

8. Web Content. Articles, blog posts, surveys, landing pages. Articles are focused on the target market with the intent to add value and build the brand experience.

9. Executive Coaching blogs and articles.  Strong SEO optomized writing that provides immediate benefit to the reader as well as subtle persuasion and influence to move to professional coaching.

10. Get Him Talking promo  Long copy sales letter for relationship product.

11. Books edited or ghostwritten. Non-fiction books on business, finance, relationships, marketing, and direct response copywriting