Auto-Responder Emails for MyChoice401k

Sandy Fox 

Autoresponder #1  

Retire Happy–Truth or Lie?

Hi [first name]

This is Sandy, writing for Jerry Sharp.  You were interested in building that comfortable retirement with MyChoice401k.

I wanted to follow up and make sure you’ve found the right answers for you.

 Do you want to know the truth?

We have a wild and wooly election going on in our town.

The incumbent, I’ll call him George, made news about a year ago.  Allegedly he demoted the assistant in his office that had run against him in the last election.  He claims he did no such thing.

Then there was the unfortunate allegation of bashing in someone’s windshield.  Rumors swirled.  A drunken incident?  Thwarted romance?  Someone parked in his spot?  After a brief flurry of news, the event quietly disappeared.

Now George is up for re-election.  If the allegations are true, I don’t want this guy representing me.   But what if they are false?  What if he’s just a good guy getting smeared?

 How do you find the truth?

It’s a home town election, so I can talk to people who know George.  But even then, those who like George will tell a different side of him than those who don’t.

I can go back into old newspapers and search for details. Do I have time or energy for that? It’s easier to just vote for the new guy and hope he’s better.

But in all honesty, that’s just another gamble.  Who runs my government matters. It’s important. And mistakes can be costly.  I really want to know the truth!

 Do you ever feel that way about your investments?

You know your current investments have some problems.  You want to believe they’ll come around and do well for you.  On the other hand… the track record has been spotty.

Lots of advisers tout the next great stock.  And it tanks.   Others suggest “safe” investments.  They bottom line like a heart attack.

Your retirement’s at stake.  Time is getting shorter. 

Don’t you just wish someone could give you the truth?  You’re wise enough to be able to make good decisions if you know all the facts.

Click to learn more.

I love MyChoice401k. It’s the best place I’ve found to give me the truth about my wide range of investment choices.

They’ll tell you, “Yup, this is a risky investment—but you could make a ton of money.”   Or they may say, “Here is a secure investment.  You’ll make less profit, but it will grow.”

And more than that, they have skilled professionals they recommend for each investment area.  Ones that give you all the information you need to make a good choice.

It’s time to see your investments grow so you can retire happy.

Click here to check our MyChoice401kClick here to get started now.

Joshua is not sure he can keep the price of MyChoice401k this low for long.  I sure don’t want you to miss out.

Talk to you soon,

Sandy Fox

PS. We stand behind MyChoice401k.  If you don’t have it up and running in the next 60 days. If in that time you find it is not exactly what we said it is, we’ll give you your 100% of your money back, no questions asked.


Autoresponder #2.

Retire Happy–Who put the “Sweat” into sweat-equity?

Hello [first name]

This is Sandy again from MyChoice401k.

My husband and I bought a mobile home park.  We were kind of new to real estate and wanted to be hands on.   The owner said, “Ya’ll need to know, I ain’t done much to them the last couple o’ years.”

I know what you’re thinking–You’re crazy! –and you are dead right. But the numbers looked so good… and we were green.  In the next couple of years, we learned enough to write a book about mobile home repairs.

One mobile had a leaky roof. We tarred spots. We resurfaced the roof.  We wondered if it was condensation.   We used lots of Kilz on the ceiling.

Finally, we called in someone to put an over-roof on the mobile.  They laid wooden purlins and then screwed and glued metal roofing over it.  The bill was over $2000.

 It felt like highway robbery, but it did the job.

Then another trailer started leaking.  Yup.  We did the tar and the over-coating and making sure the venting was waterproofed.  Then we looked at the roofed-over mobile.

We can do that!  We bought the purlins and the roofing metal and the glue.  We looked at the overhangs and the overlaps.  And in about a day, we over-roofed that mobile.

Cost: under $800.

When they talk about sweat-equity, we’re very familiar with the sweat part.   And we found the equity part quite profitable, too.  That old mobile home park paid our bills for 12 years before we moved on to other investments.

 What Can Sweat Equity Do for You?

Some folk have lots of money and don’t mind paying others to do for them.  But others want to make sure their money works hard for them.

You’ll find there are times when a little sweat equity can go a long way to save you money.  If someone will just show you how to do it, you can do it yourself and save a ton of money.

That’s what appeals to me about MyChoice401k.  You just save so much money!  Sure, you have to watch the videos.  You have to follow the directions to set up your account and put the money into it.

It will probably take you a total of maybe 4-6 hours.  And you save between $1500-5000.  I LIKE that kind of sweat equity!

Check it out at MyChoice401k.

It’s great to know a little investment can grow to a powerful retirement.

Imagine getting to the point where you never need sweat equity again—you can just relax and enjoy your retirement.

Don’t delay.  I can’t guarantee the price will stay this low.  Click here to start saving now!


PS. Of course MyChoice401k comes with a 60 day guarantee.  Try it out!  If it’s not for you it costs you nothing.


Autoresponder #3. 

Retire Happy–Can You Follow Directions Like This 10 Year Old?

Dear [first name]

My daughter came to visit for a month this summer with her children.  She brought plans for a “Kid Wash.”  It’s a PVC frame with spray holes, dangling sponges and flapping towel strips.

It looked like great summertime fun!

It also looked tricky to put together.  My daughter knows plumbing like I know astrophysics.  But she’d gotten directions online.  She’d read the reviews and chosen her goals.

She, and her 10 year old, Max, headed to Home Depot with the directions.  Plans in hand, they collected all the parts and pieces.  They even laid the parts out on the floor to make sure they got every fitting.

They came back with a bundle of PVC pipe, a bag of fittings and other supplies.

Later, I looked out the window and saw Max cutting and fitting. By afternoon he had the Kid Wash practically finished!

building a kid washI was astonished at what a 10 year old could accomplish with a set of online directions!

 It’s Easy with Good Directions!

Sometimes we look at a project and think, that looks hard.  I can’t do that.  But with clear directions and a goal, it’s simple!

My 10 year old grandson ended up with a water toy that will bring a summer of fun.  If you spend a little time following directions, you can end up with a plan that will bring years of enjoyable retirement.

MyChoice401k offers clear online instructions to get you up and running.  The tutorials take you step-by-step to a working plan.

 Then investment options lead you to a profitable retirement.

Max is a little young to start on his own solo 401k.  But when the time comes, I’ll recommend MyChoice401k.

After all, if a 10 year old can build a Kid Wash in the afternoon—just think of the solid, well-funded retirement he’ll be able to build with the clear instructions in MyChoice401k.

And you don’t need to know plumbing or astrophysics… or even finance… to build a satisfying retirement.

Click here to start building YOUR success!


PS. MyChoice401k has all the bells and whistles of the high priced 401k plans at a fraction of the price.  Get started building your success now.


Autoresponder # 4.

Driving into Stormy Weather.  Stay on course or…?

Dear [first name]—

Yesterday I was driving with a friend.  We began in lovely sunny weather.  Then a few clouds gathered.

As we drove between two mountains, the sky got darker and darker.  It looked like we were driving into a black hole.

We scrambled to tune in a radio station to see if we were entering tornado weather.  Was it safe?  Or did we need to find another way.

How Safe is Your Retirement?

Sometimes I feel that way with my retirement account.   It started out nice and sunny.  Great returns.  Then, over the past years the outlook has gotten darker and gloomier.

I scrambled for a “radio station”—for wise advice.  My stock broker said, “Stay the course.  Things will turn around.”  But I watched Nokia drop from $19 a share.

At $9.50, I asked, “Do we need to dump this stock?”

“No,” he said. “It still has good value.”

Okay.   At $5.43 I said, “Are you sure this is still a good investment?”

“Oh, yes,” he said. “You’ve taken all the down side and it’s still paying good dividends.  It will turn around.”

Now it’s at $2.77 a share.

About now, I can hear you saying, “Dude!  You need a different advisor!”

I agree.

 Cash In On Different Investments.

At the same time Nokia was tanking, my husband used his retirement account to buy a house. Simply having it fixed up increased the value 33%.  It’s now rented with an ROI—after all expenses—of better than 10%.

That means in less than 10 years, he’ll have recouped all his investment—and still have both the house and the rental income!  He can buy another house and begin again.

Sometimes it pays to find other voices—other experts—other options.

With a solo 401k he isn’t tied to stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  He can do real estate, tax liens, mortgages, currency exchanges, businesses, and even gold and silver.

Now I’ve found trusted advisors at MyChoice401k who have a history of making good returns for their clients.

If you’re tired of staring into a dark, bleak future. If you’re ready to invest toward a satisfying retirement, click on MyChoice401k and learn how it can benefit you.

Imagine the peace of mind, knowing you have a workable plan for a sunny retirement.  Think of the freedom to be able to live a good life and do all the things you want.

I look forward to rejoicing in your happy retirement!


PSNot everyone gets this kind of opportunity to change their future for the better.  Don’t let it slip through your fingers.  Click here and get started.


 Autoresponder #5.

How to turn Clay into Money…

Dear [first name]

I’d always wanted to try pottery making. A few weeks ago I met a new friend with a kiln and tools and years of experience building things in clay.

Marian has been wonderfully generous and introduced me to a whole vista of art and science. Who knew pottery making uses chemistry for glazes, geometry for shapes, knowledge of hygrometry for moisture and a host of other disciplines?

What began as a simple desire to throw a pot became an education and a joy. I’ve entered a new world.

Marian introduced me to her circle of friends.  What a delight. Helen and Michelle were preparing for a gallery exhibition and we went to see their art work.

Helen molds bird heads from clay and fires them in a unique Riku style. Michelle than adds fabric and feathers and other bits to make whimsical, wonderful creations.

Riku clay headed bird sculpture

Imagination, knowledge, adventure, and a dash of daring turn a simple small lump of clay into art valued at over $2000. They won best in show and their art will be for sale in the Crystal Bridges Museum shop

Focus on the Art of Making a Satisfying Retirement

When it’s time for you to increase your net worth, do you know where to turn? You may have been struggling with this for some time. What vehicle do you use? What are wise investments?

Perhaps you need to open your eyes to a new world of opportunities.

MyChoice401k helps you gain knowledge about a wide variety of investment options. It shows you how to grow your solo401k funds into a comfortable retirement.

Click here and get started!

You can develop the art and skill to grow your small “lump of clay” into a handsome piece of retirement art. Just like my friend Marian is taking me step-by-step into a new world of fun, MyChoice401k takes you into a new world of profitable investing.

It’s there.  It’s real.

People are making the same kinds of profits the rich make…even in this kind of economy.

If you’re ready to grow your imagination, your knowledge, and your adventure—start now.  Click here to begin.

I’ll look forward to hearing about your success.

Be sure to act now.  Time is limited!


PS.  We’ve been having outstanding responses to MyChoice401k.  You may not have another chance to get in. click here to start.


Autoresponder #6.

Is Fear Keeping You Back?

Dear investor:

Today I helped out a Boy Scout troop. They’d gone canoeing on a river. I needed to move their van to the end of the float where they would take out the canoes.

No problem. I hopped in the van. The weather was cooler and I let a breeze flow in the window as we drove. The road wound around and we passed deer, a flock of munching buzzards, and a wild turkey.

Then the sun came out and it warmed up. I looked at the gages. GAAK! All these buttons! So different from the simple ones in my car.

I Chose the Easy Way Out

I decided to ride with the window down.

But then I started getting hot and sweaty. I glanced at the buttons again.

van a/c audio controls


There were masses of them and they were intimidating. Should I pull over and figure them out? Should I poke a few and see what happened?

I drove for a bit. Then I realized I was stopped by fear. There were so many, I was afraid to even try to figure them out.

I know those of you who have vans are thinking, That’s dumb! It’s so easy to use the controls.

Yes, but you’ve taken time to learn them. Then it becomes easy.

When I realized it was FEAR that was keeping me back, I got stubborn.

 I Don’t Want to be a Slave to Fear

So as I drove, I glanced again at the controls.

Recirculate. Nope.

Something with windows. Nope.

Rear defroster. Nope.

Auto.  Hmmm. What about Auto?

I punched Auto…. And COOL AIR started blowing! Joy!

I felt joy for two reasons. One, I got cold air. Two, I had overcome my fears.

What Stops You From Joy?

Sometimes we ride through life being uncomfortable. Maybe there’s something we want to do, but fear is holding us back.

We put up with being miserable because we fear doing what might make us happy or richer or more comfortable.

We think we don’t have time to pull over and get things moving right. Or maybe we are afraid of the solution.

And so often, after we face our fear—it turns out to be no big deal.

Charge Through Fear to a Satisfying Retirement.

If you know you want a better retirement, just do it. Click here to start!

Will it take some time and effort? Yes. Might it cause a little worry as you analyze the best investments? Yes.

But it’s SO MUCH BETTER to do it NOW. Get that fear behind you now—so you can feel good NOW. And in later years you can relax and reap the benefits.

Look at what’s worrying you and holding you back. Take time to figure out how you will respond to be in control.

Maybe you’re like some people who start with a small purchase of MyChoice401k. Then you spend an hour a few times a week studying the options.

When you get comfortable, you try one or two investments. When you see the returns, you add a little more.

You think, I should have done this years ago! Before you know it, you’ve become the expert and your friends are asking you for advice. 

Click here to begin.

Setting up your MyChoice401k and taking control of your future is not much more daunting than that silly control panel. Once you focus on it for a moment, your confidence grows—along with your plans for a great retirement.

What a good feeling it is to take those steps to security and peace of mind!

Start now.  Click here to begin.


PS. Other eager investors are taking advantage of MyChoice401k. Find the best investments now!