Auto-Responder Series for Self-Directed 401(k)

Four Email Auto Responder Series


1. Did you get your reports?

Dear [first name]:

I want to make sure you received both the reports I sent you from Complete 401k.  And that you’ve read them.

* Rescue Your Retirement: Avoid costly 401k mistakes and expenses as you change jobs.

* Use Your 401k the way the Wealthy Do and Retire Early.

These reports are incredibly valuable.  They increase your financial IQ a thousand percent.

Now you know you don’t have to pay off your loan and suffer those devastating taxes and penalties.

You also know:

1. How to take control of your finances.

2. How to use your 401k to make money.

3. How to save thousands by avoiding taxes and penalties.

You hold in your hands the information often known only to the wealthy.  You know more than 90% of the stock brokers and bankers.

Use that information and move toward success. Start your complementary consultation with Complete 401k today.

Call today at 1 888-xxx-xxxx or

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I look forward to talking with you.


1 888-xxx-xxxx

Ps. How many days are left in your 60 day window?

“Jerry was very helpful and I appreciate him speaking with my banker to get the account set up.

  I am very pleased with the flexibility that the plan has offered me.  I have invested in a friend’s business and was able to offer him a creative financing package which gave me guaranteed interest, equity in his business, as well as prepayment (buyout / buyback) terms; in all, we both have some flexibility and should both benefit from this arrangement.

  A SOLO 401(K) program with checkbook control is a wonderful tool to use to grow retirement funds at a much-accelerated rate.”   –C. Marley, Georgia


2. Have you solved your 401k Loan problem yet

3. You read. you thought. now act

4. Is doomsday this week