Books- ghostwritten or edited

Here are books that I have written, ghostwritten or edited.

Growing Customer Lifetime Value: Retention & Renewal  by Sandy Fox

Multiply Your Wealth: Essential Secrets for Financial Freedom by Rebecca Rice (ghostwritten for a whole life insurance agent)

Unplug, Disengage and Disconnect from a 24/7 Work World by Joel Garfinkle (ghostwritten for executive coach)

The Essential Guide to Fintech Trading and Investments: Building Wealth in the 21st Century By Mati Greenspan and Sandy Fox (ghostwritten for the eToro trading platform) Still in editing stages.

Books I have edited:

Millennial Workforce: Cracking the Code to Generation Y in Your Company by Javier Montes (businessman and entrepreneur)

Seed Digging: A Simple Technique That Leads to Incredible Inner Peace by Shawna Burns (counselor and therapist)

Rebuilding After the Explosions: Helping Parents Put the Pieces Back Together by Jane E. Jenkins (child advocate)

Let the Allocation BuildA Unique Twist to Building Fast, Long-Term Wealth, For Gen X in 10 Simple Steps by Chad Walker (financial entrepreneur)