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Life happens.  A loved one breaks a hip and can’t live alone.  Someone dies unexpectedly and leaves a family struggling with what to do. You become caregiver to your spouse… all day… every day. We worry.  We are afraid.  And sometimes, we feel very alone.

Let us help you stop the worry and find the solution.

The Estate and Elder Law Planning Center understands your situation.

Their caring team knows each resource and choice.  With gentleness and love they guide and help you through each problem you face.  You have the security of knowing 15 years of concentrated knowledge and experience are at your command. Move forward and find your answers. Learn more at your complementary first consultation.

Their team creates a life plan specifically for you.

Share your dreams, desires, aspirations, and passions.  We address your concerns and answer your questions.  We don’t do one-size-fits-all plans.  Each plan is unique to you—specifically designed to resolve your problems and concerns.

Imagine the peace of knowing you have an expert in law and ageing caring for you and watching out for your interests… not just when documents are signed… but as long as you and your family have a need.  Feel the joy as you plan to be independent and in control of your affairs.

Relax in the comfort of knowing your plan continues beyond your lifetime to shelter and assist your loved ones.  You and your family will be surrounded by a team who respects you and cares about you– A team that will be there to support you through every change life throws your way.

Open the door to peace of mind.  Call the Estate and Elder Law Planning Center now and set up your complementary first consultation. 1 800 874-2460  Or click here to request they contact you.

  •  Make your wishes known
  •  Protect your spouse and children from creditors, lawsuits, or divorcing spouses
  •  Avoid probate and other costly expenses
  •  Put health care decisions in place to speak when you cannot.
  •  Protect you assets from nursing home claims
  •  Keep control of your life and your assets

The Estate and Elder Law Planning Center stands ready to serve you.

Call today: Toll free 1 800 874-2460  Local 870 425-2460